Please Join Our Mission!

It is thanks to the financial support of hundreds of individuals, institutions, and government bodies in South Africa and overseas that we are able to carry on our work. A list of major donors follows. Please join us!

Contributions to MS Care will go toward the following needs:

R76 = Puzzle and ball for children’s play
R150 = Pair of school shoes for a child
R260 = Bead making kit for income generating project
R300 = Transportation and hospitalisation of a terminally ill outpatient
R570 = Basic food parcel with staple foods for a family
R1,135 = 1 Month’s stipend for a home-based care volunteer
R1,515 = Basic home-based caregiver training course for new volunteer
R2,270 = 1 Year’s healthcare/medical supply costs for a single person
R4,160 = 1 Month’s salary for a single nurse

Donations (EFT, South Africa)

Mission Society Care
Account No: 002899922
Branch Code: 051001
Bank: Standard Bank
Type: Current Account

MS Care is an approved Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) under section 18A of the Income Tax Act, allowing donors to claim a tax deduction on any donations to us:  NPO 006-738  •  PBO 930007952


Past Funders

  • National Department of Social Welfare

  • Gauteng Department of Social Welfare and Population Development

  • National Development Agency

  • Department of Public Works

  • Department of Labour

  • Metro Rail

  • Terre Des Hommes

  • Requirement Pty

  • Countless individual donors

We would like to thank …

  • The funders who provide us with the resources to enable us to do the work that we do and reach as many people as we do

  • The colleagues who trudge forward even when times are tough and their salaries cannot be paid, who work with dedication, and give services for free when necessary, always giving back to society

  • The volunteers who are highly committed and selflessly share their time and skills with the needy

  • The programme beneficiaries and supported groups who remind us that our work does make a difference in their lives, and society at large

  • The communities who support us locally

  • The board members who provide guidance and comfort during times of crisis, and also make sure that they introduce us to their friends and new funders

  • The members of leadership in different structures that allow us to work in their areas: national, provincial, local and community (grass root level)